The perfect Hypnobabies Birth Of William

As I sit down to write the story of my son’s birth I am unsure of where exactly to start. The journey that led me here started when I found out I was pregnant with his sister. That is when I first decided that I wanted a natural birth and that is when I found hypnobabies. But it has been about two years since then. While I was unable to achieve a full natural birth with my daughter due to the use of pitocin I was determined to try again with my son. I began listening to my hypnobabies tracks early in my second trimester. They had kept me so relaxed during my first pregnancy and I wanted to feel just as great this time. The start of my birthing time is hard to place. I had practice waves much more often with this pregnancy and by the last month they were very strong and would come on for hours before stopping and not coming back for a few days. I am sure that this contributed greatly to how short and fast my birthing day was. After having such strong practice waves and other signs that my birthing time was coming for my entire 37th and most of my 38th week, everything seemed to disappear and I suddenly felt so energized. My aunt had come in to help just in case I delivered before my parents arrived from out of town. Otherwise I would have had no help with my daughter since my husband who is in the military was unable to be there at the time. When I was 39 weeks and 4 days I assured my aunt, who was nervous about handling everything alone, that I was sure labor would not start soon. I thought I would for sure make it to the weekend. Just goes to show that you never really know until it happens. The very next day at 3am my waters broke. I had not been having contractions, which I thought I would be more worried about but I was very calm. I knew that I may have a long day ahead of me so after I informed my husband that today would be the day I went back to sleep. I texted my Doula once I woke up to let her know and told her I would call her when it was time to head to the hospital. I had the most perfect relaxing day. I baked brownies to bring to my nurses and I spent time with my daughter. My husband had that one day off so it was perfect! He took my daughter on a couple errands and I took a nice walk with my aunt. When we all got back we put my daughter down for her nap and planned to go walk around at the store when she got up. This was about 10am. My birthing waves were still not very strong even though they were coming closer together. I thought that continuing walking would help me progress. While my daughter napped I took a really nice relaxing shower and then I felt like lying down for a bit. I dozed in and out for about 15 minutes feeling so relaxed and handling my waves with ease. When I got up more of my waters ruptured and my waves became stronger and began to come much closer together. I timed a couple and they were now 6min apart lasting just over 1 minute. I was able to stay focused and roll through every wave. I changed positions and moved in whatever way felt right at the time. I spent some time on my birth ball and I hung from my husband for a few waves. When my daughter woke up we decided to go to base but not to walk around the store. I felt a need to get to my birthing place. The car ride was slightly uncomfortable but I still got through every wave with only minimal discomfort. As soon as I got out of the car and was able to walk again I felt so much better. I went ahead of my husband and family into the hospital while they unloaded the car so that I could use the bathroom and get some water. Once they got in we all went upstairs. I was still handling all of my waves with ease even though I stayed in the “center” on my light switch the whole time. We got checked in and they tested to make sure that my waters were really broken. They checked my dilation and effacement and found me to be 100% effaced and 5cm dilated. That was at about 1:00pm. I thought I was farther along than that. My body just seemed to be telling me I was so close. I began to feel a bit nervous that I had a long afternoon ahead of me. They hooked up my monitors and I was on them for about 5 minutes when suddenly I felt the urge to throw up. They unhooked them and I went to the bathroom. I did throw up and I felt so much better. I went back out and I was happy to see that my Doula had arrived. I was so cold all of a sudden too and my Doula wrapped a blanket around my shoulders as I sat on my birth ball. Then the nurse came back in and asked to hook me back up and draw my blood for my admissions lab work. My Doula, Christy moved my birth ball to the other side of the bed closer to the monitor and as soon as I sat down again I felt a strong pressure wave coming. I asked the nurse to give me a second and I focused on breathing out through my pelvis and I moaned and “ahhed”. This wave was different. I could tell that even though it peaked and then went down it was not finished and it flowed right into another wave. This wave moved into another wave and at the peak of that wave I felt my son move out of my cervix and into the birth canal. I stood up and told my husband that the baby was coming and that I wanted to get on the bed to squat but when I stood up I realized that I did not want to move any further. I leaned forward slightly on the bed and semi-squatted, semi-stood. The nurse kept telling me to get on the bed but I wasn’t moving and it was like I couldn’t even hear her. Then the doctor (who they pulled out of the hall to deliver my son since I progressed so fast) told the nurse to leave me alone that I was doing great and that was a great position to birth my son in. My son began moving down fast. Twice I slowed and just breathed instead of pushing then I felt a strong urge to push the head out so I did. My son’s head and upper shoulders slid out. It was the greatest release of pressure. While pushing I felt stretching in my perineum but not pain or even burning. Just stretching. I did not tear at all or even have any abrasions. After his head came out I pushed one more time and my son was born. William Foster Sargent was born on Oct. 4, 2011 at 2:22pm. The nurse dried my son a bit then the doctor handed him to me through my legs and I sat on the bed holding my son with my husband beside me. He began to nurse very shortly after birth and my placenta was delivered shortly after that. They had left the cord intact just as I had asked and once the placenta was delivered and the cord self-clamped my husband cut it. I asked to be left alone for a bit and we were. My aunt and daughter came in to meet our new addition. Then after some bonding time my husband took my son to be weighed and measured. He weighed 6lbs. 12oz. and was 19.5 in. long. I felt like I was only in the hospital 20 minutes but I was there just over an hour. I progressed from 5cm to 10cm in about an hour! Overall, it was the most perfect birth I could have asked for.


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