Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mammas out there! There are a lot of mothering related things flying around my head today. I am so thankful for both of my beautiful and wonderful children, Mary and Will. I could not have asked for two better children at all. Mary will be two in a couple weeks and I cannot believe how fast it has gone by! She has grown from a baby into a little girl. I still remember when I knew that my birthing time had really started with her. It feels like just yesterday. She was perfect from the moment she was conceived in September, at my in laws house lol, and that has never changed. My husband and I had been trying for 4 months to get pregnant. We had just received orders to Spain and we had stopped at my in laws to drop off  some things that were going to be storing for us while we were overseas. We were there for a couple weeks. I slept all most the entire way to Spain from Colorado. I continued to feel exhausted for weeks after that. I insisted that it was just jet lag because while I knew my period was late, I had taken several tests and gotten all BFNs. I hadn’t charted that month since we were traveling and so I just assumed that I had simply ovulated late due to the stress of moving and traveling. My husband insisted I was pregnant so I agreed to take one more test and then leave it at that whatever the result. of course it was a BFP! And so began my journey to motherhood! Just 8 short months after Mary was born my husband and I conceived again. We had originally planned on waiting much longer than that but we had an opportunity to ensure that my husband would be there for the entire pregnancy and birth which was a guarantee we may rarely if ever have. We jumped at the opportunity. It took us one try to get pregnant with my son! I knew I was pregnant about a week later because I could smell everything! This was a symptom I did not have at all with my daughter but I just knew. I also knew that it was a boy the same way I just knew that my first was a girl. About a week after I found out that I was pregnant we moved again. This time to Florida. We would be there just long enough to birth my son. You can find the story of my son’s birth in a previous post.

As I sit down and write this mother’s day post I cannot help but continue to stare at my most current chart. My husband and I are trying to avoid right now and do not want to consider another little one until he returns from deployment late next year. That said, we may have had a BC mishap right at the time I ovulated. This would certainly not be the best time to get pregnant. My husband won’t be here when I deliver and I hate that thought. I do not feel pregnant at all and I do not believe that I am but it is hard not to think about it. I suppose we will see. 1 more week to wait.

So today everything is Mothery! In good ways and maybe not so good ways but I would not trade my life for anything in the world and come what may motherhood is always something that will be the greatest joy in my life. I thank my children for making me a mother and my husband for supporting me through being a mother and the generations of women before me who, through their own motherhood, made it possible for me to take this journey.


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