To worry, or not to worry? That is the question.

So as I mentioned in my Mother’s Day post, I may have had a possible oops and gotten pregnant again. Today it is all I can think about. I am so nervous about it. My chart looks a bit triphasic (for those of you who have never charted that is a possible pregnancy sign.) which doesn’t help. If I did get pregnant it was simply meant to be because it was a minor BC fail that we caught just not totally in time. Still, I am freaking out a bit! I am really not ready! I feel so bad saying that because if I am pregnant I do not want my child thinking that they were not wanted or that they were a mistake. If I am pregnant I will accept this challenge and love this baby as much as my other two. My husband and I will learn to handle new challenges and move forward. All of my children will be the same distance apart. As I consider all of the factors I am still so scared. Especially because this would be the only birth that my husband will miss. I hate that! So I guess today (and the rest of the week) will be emotional and worrisome. I will try to not focus on it and just focus on my husband coming home from a trip this weekend. I will update when I have new information.


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