Desired Future Accomplishments

There are some things in life that are valued very much by certain people while those same things hold no value for others. For some, owning a house, graduating college, having certain degrees etc. are very important to life. To others they do not hold much value at all. When a person holds something in high regard but fails to achieve it, they can feel like failures themselves. This rings true for me. I come from a pretty educated family. Higher education, and really education in general, is greatly valued in my family. I went to private school my entire life including a very prestigious college prep high school. It was always my (and my families) plan that i would go to college. Further more, that I would graduate from college. I hope some day that will happen.

My journey down this path has been rocky and traveled up and down hills and through the woods! I was accepted to my first choice college out of high school. Due to many factors though, I decided to start at my local community college instead. When I entered college I was planning on majoring in Studio Arts. I had fallen in love with it my senior year and since my mom herself was an art teacher I had a fair amount of experience. Those plans changed after just one semester. I took an anthropology class and it changed my life forever. It was a biological anthropology class and it incorporated everything that I truly loved to study. I knew that it was what I was really meant to do. I decided to change my major. At that point I decided to follow a program that outlined a specific path then guaranteed admission to a local 4 year university where I could receive a bachelors degree. I was set. Then my final semester before transfer came. Everything else in my life at that point changed. My boyfriend of 4 years and I broke up. I failed two classes. Then fell in love with the man who is now my husband who was on deployment overseas at the time. I was accepted to UCSD but because of the two classes I failed, I was not able to attend in the end. Instead I got married and moved to North Carolina with my husband. In North Carolina I decided to get a degree in Veterinary Technology to become a vet tech so that I would have a good job. I tried for a year but I hated it. I dropped out. In this time my husband and i moved to Spain and I had my daughter. At that point I changed programs and began my certification as a dog trainer, something I had been doing for a few years.

At this point my friend and I started a nonprofit that provides service dogs to Wounded Warriors. I thought that this would be the direction my life would go for the rest of my time working. The company has taken off and we are doing really well. After two years though, I am losing my passion for it. I want to spend more time focused on my kids. The one area of interest that has not changed for many years now is that of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. I have decided to follow this passion to a possible career.

When I was younger I thought about being a doctor or a nurse but never followed it further. In college I fell in love with the study of humans both biologically and culturally. Later I found an even stronger interest in women’s culture throughout the world and throughout history. I have become particularly interested in pregnancy, childbirth, and child raising. I have decided to finish my degree in Anthropology! I plan on focusing on cultural anthropology.

Once I finish my BA I have two other areas of study that I want to pursue. I want to become certified as a midwife and I want to obtain my MPH in Maternal and Child Care. I know that it will be a long hard path. I know that I have had problems in the past. I also know that if I doubt myself now I will never achieve anything! I have to try and more than that, I have to finish! I know this is not only something that I am very passionate about but that it is something I am very knowledgable in and good at. I know that it fits into my life and is something that I can take with me if we are ever transferred again. So with a little support and understanding and some strength and perserverence on my part I hope to start my new life soon.

This achievement will go a long way with my self esteem. I feel bad about myself because I do not have a degree. All of my friends do, and i just went to my younger sisters college graduation. It is something that bothers me! Hopefully I can change that soon! Wish me luck!


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