Money and or Employment

I feel blessed that I am able to be a stay at home mom. I think being here while my children are young is very important and am thankful that my husband’s job allows me to do that. Truthfully I have been a work at home mom for just over a year now since my friend and I started our own company. Recently though I have taken a smaller role in the organization so that I could focus on my family and in all truth being in the early stages of forming a nonprofit organization, i am not actually being paid anything. My husband is happy that I am taking a smaller role and has always liked me staying home with the kids. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want me to follow my ambitions, he does, but we both agree that I should focus mostly on the kids until they are at least school aged. I suppose the idea with that is that the kids will be at school so I will have several hours a day to pursue my passions. Though I wonder what will happen if I do decide to unschool. I’ll go there in another post. Right now my mind is on ways to make money. Not because we desperately need money but because i like the idea of me bringing in something too. My husband does not mind or care at all actually that I do not make money but I know that he wouldn’t complain either if I did. As long as it did not interfere with me taking care of our kids. I have been trying to think today of something that would let me do both. Something that could combine the joys of being with my kids but also let me make some money and perhaps do something I like. I am at a loss. I really am. I used to be so creative but i truly cannot think of something. I used to be a dog trainer and I suppose that i could once again do that part time but my husbands is schedule is unpredictable which makes that hard. I also do not enjoy that as much as I used to. I need to finish my certification process to become a childbirth educator. That is something that I could have a set schedule with and something I enjoy. However that is a process and I am not near the end. I want something now. I can be very impatient some times! I thought about turning this blog into a source of income but who’s to say anyone would want to read it enough to make people want to advertise with me?

Here is what I want:

1. Something I can do from home or a few hours a week away from home

2. Something I am at least mildly interested in doing ( and I have a lot of interests, this shouldn’t be hard!)

3. Something that pays!

Anyone else have a job/ hobby that pays that they enjoy doing from home? Please share! Eventually I will finish my degrees but until then… anything will do!


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