Cleaning with kids

I once heard a funny quote (and I don’t remember who said it) that read ” cleaning the house while your kids are young is like shoveling the driveway while it is still snowing.” I laughed when I heard that because for me at least, it is completely true! I can never seem to keep up with anything. I do try but i’m not always successful. My parents suggested doing all of the cleaning for the day after the kids go to sleep. This is a nice idea but my children are in two totally different life stages and have different bed times. My toddler has kind of a late bed time but it honestly does work for me and the rest of her sleeping schedule. Because she does go to bed later though I do not want to stay awake much later than her. I do get up before her most days and I try to get some stuff done but she and my son usually wake up within a half an hour of me. From that time on my day is non stop. They do not nap at the same time and I feel that it is more important to spend time with them than it is for the house to be spotless. But it is still frustrating sometimes because I want my house to be nice all of the time and my husband REALLY wants that. How do you do it though? How do you not compromise time with your kids and get everything done too. I do try to keep up as much as possible so that I only have a little to do each day but sometimes things pile up on me. When I can I put my son in his jumper and try to get some stuff done but if he doesn’t want to be in there, i’m not going to force him. Sometimes he just wants to be held all day long no exceptions and when those days come along I know i’m not going to get much of anything done, even if I use my sleepy wrap. sometimes between the two of them its not enough. I do not know how some women always have a clean house and kids. I wish I had the secret!

My husband has been gone on and off for about 2 and a half months now. I always try my best to have the house pristine when he comes home just so that he doesn’t have to come home to a mess. He gets home from his latest trip today and I am almost totally finished with cleaning but I am worn out this week and it is taking all of me to get up and do it. On top of that my son is having an upset week due to two new teeth coming through. I know he hurts and I am doing everything I can think of to help him feel better and what he wants most is to be held by mamma. That’s fine. Again it is more important to be with my kids when they need or want me than to have a clean house but I want both! I guess I will just learn as I go and as my kids grow. Hopefully I’ll find my perfect combination and balance.


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