Drawing The Line

I am saddened and outraged this morning after reading a story of a child named Nick who was forcefully removed from his home and his mother for the following reasons:

They don’t immunize.
They don’t utilize public schools.
They don’t attend church.
They don’t eat meat.
They don’t spank as a form of punishment/discipline.
They required a warrant for entry into my home.

This is disturbing to me on many levels and for many reasons. The big ones are that I have recently made similar decisions including, I will not continue to vaccinate my children. I intend to unschool. I practice attachment parenting and I would certainly require a warrant which is the legal thing to do! I wrote in another post about mothers being turned in to CPS for refusing to give formula and insist on continuing to try and breastfeed. I also recently read about a doctor who was turned into CPS for checking his own son and wife out of the hospital (he was in charge of their care) the same day that their son was born because they were both happy and healthy and ready to go home. A doctor!! I myself ran into a problem when I tried to check myself and my son out of the hospital 19 full hours after birth. We were both healthy and happy. I delivered naturally and had no tearing so I didn’t require stitches, I wasn’t on medication, my son was healthy and was to remain intact.  Homeschooling and unscholing families run into problems all of the time as well as nonvaxers. Where do we draw the line?

When do we get to make choices for our selves or our children without fear of big brother stepping in. Now I do see a need for agencies such as CPS and other child and family welfare services. However, there is a line to be drawn. The government CANNOT and SHOULD NOT EVER be allowed to force medical procedures on any adult or child against their will or the will of their parent/ guardian. No exceptions! That includes vaccines! The government CANNOT and SHOULD NOT tell you where and how you have to school your children. You have a right to homeschool, public school, private school, religious school, unscool, or any kind of school. Now to the discipline method. Attachment Parenting has been in the news a lot lately and described as crazy and extreme. I still don’t understand that. When it comes to its legality though, CPS has no grounds to interfere. CPS is there to ensure that children are not beaten, abused, neglected, molested, and forgotten. Attachment Parenting includes always responding to your children, caring for them in a gentle manner, loving them, respecting them and never intentionally doing anything to break that healthy attachment. It is out of CPS’ jurisdiction!

This really is a scary trend. The government is interfering in areas that they have no place in. Here are some things that the government has started to interfere in:

1. Homebirth: Illegal in some states now even with a CNM

2. Vaccinations: Trying to make it illegal and a matter of child welfare to not vaccinate

3. Making it illegal to drop out of school ever. And making it difficult for homeschoolers and unschoolers. I fear that unschooling will soon be made illegal or at least an attempt in that direction.

The government does not get to do this. It is time to make that clear to your local politicians. The government has begun to interfere too much. They have made too many laws and regulations. They have stopped protecting and started interfering. I am very scared about this change because of the choices I have made and plan to make in the future. Isn’t America supposed to be free? Aren’t we supposed to have more rights than other countries. We certainly don’t when it comes to maternal care, birth, and parenting. It is time to draw the line. I have!


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