The best part about parenting

This morning my daughter told me ”I love you too” when I told her I loved her. Even better, she said it twice. It was the first time that she clearly said the whole sentence at the perfect time. My heart melted. These are the moments that should be talked about most. The first time you hear your son laugh out loud with joy. The first time your daughter says ” mamma” with excitement when you come back into the room even though you were only gone a second. Especially those very first moments after birth. The first time you and your baby look into each others eyes and feel a connection that can never be topped. These are the moments that shine the brightest. Your kids will make you smile, laugh, cry (happy and sad) and change your life in ways you cannot imagine before having kids. No matter how much people try to describe it. I would not trade being a mother for anything in the world. Even now as my two year old sits next to me, squeezing my boobs and laughing as she milks me like a cow and tells me I have ”two pretty milks.” I love my kids and I love my life as a mommy!


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