Car Seat Safety

I remember when my daughter first graduated from her newborn car seat to an infant-toddler convertible seat. It seemed like from that point on my husband and I couldn’t wait until my daughter was “old enough” and “big enough” to be front facing. As she approached a year, which at the time was the suggested age to wait until before turning the car seat around, it seemed like we weighed her every day to see if she was 20lbs yet. At the time we were told that 20lbs was the magic weight number just as as 1 year was the magic age number. As soon as she hit that mark we turned her around. She honestly, didn’t seem to notice much to me but it did make my life easier. I could hand her stuff and get things from her so easily.

When she was about 18mo old my mother mentioned that she had read an article that stated that the new recommendation was that children remain rear facing until the age of two. I made excuses that she was fine. After all she had hit the weight requirement right? Plus it was only 6 mo. It would go by fast and then it would get turned around again anyway. Once again I made excuses and I don’t even know why.

My daughter turned 2 last month. At that point I really thought she was supposed to be forward facing now so I was good to go at this point. A little while back a saw a picture stating the safety of both rear facing and forward facing seats. I saw that the rear facing was safer but again I thought that was until age 2. My daughter is 2 so I’m good right?

That changed yesterday. I saw the same picture again and read an article from Zen Parenting. I saw a video and talked to some other moms. I immediately turned my daughter’s car seat around. She is once again rear facing and will remain that way as long as possible! I was wrong! Luckily I was never in an accident and nothing ever happened to my daughter while forward facing. i won’t make the same mistake with my son either. He too will remain rear facing as long as possible! Thank you Zen Parenting!



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