Setting An Example of Positivity

In life somethings don’t always go your way. Unexpected things come up, life happens. This is even more true when you have young children. Sometimes you can plan everything out just right and something still goes wrong. Then there are days that you just wake up “on the wrong side of the bed” and you are in a funk the rest of the day. Maybe something happened that changed your mood or maybe you do not even know why you are in a bad mood but you are.

Today was one of those days for me. I was tired and I was woken up early by a dog that we are watching for a while. I didn’t get much sleep last night because for some reason both of the kids wanted to be awake all night. I snipped at my husband and he snipped back which made me even more mad. Aunt Flow showed up this morning and brought bad cramps and I was out of all breakfast foods. I decided to leave early for my daughters Toddler Gymnastics class so that I could get coffee. I got a call from my business partner during which I was criticized for not doing enough. The call set me back on time and I left later than I planned on. When I got to the coffee place I ordered a large Hazzlenut Late, an orange juice for my daughter, and a large muffin for us to share. I received a medium white chocolate late and no orange juice. I then proceeded to burn my tongue and be late to my daughter’s class. As I stewed in my irritation I thought about something. How does it look to my daughter when I am visibly angry? How does it make her feel? What message do I send when I make the conscious choice to be angry and stay angry and see the negative in every situation? I don’t think that it’s a god message. I want her to know that no matter what comes her way she can roll with the punches and overcome. I want her to be able to rise above negativity and be a positive, optimistic person. If I want her to be that way, I have to be that way!

So, I looked for the positives. I can apologize to my husband and do something nice for him. I can understand that his reaction to me was deserved and natural. I can be happy that I knew Aunt Flow was coming today because I chart regularly. I can be happy that I noticed that I didn’t have the orange juice before I drove away and the medium coffee saved me money. Plus the flavor was pretty good. I was not the only person late to my daughter’s class and some one was much later than me. And most importantly my daughter had a blast! As for me not doing “enough” at work. I do my best and as much as I can without sacrificing my children’s well being which is much more important to me than how someone else sees my work.

I hope that I can continue to remember this lesson so that I can set a great example for my children. I’m sure that days will come along where it doesn’t happen. I will forgive my self for those days and move on. We cannot change what is done and dwelling on what we regret gets us nowhere. We can learn from our mistakes and use that knowledge to do better in the future. This is what I hope to instil in my children.


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