Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. A day to honor all of the men out there who have contributed to the raising and nurturing of children. I think that is the true definition of a father. A father is not merely a donator of genetic material. A father is a man who contributes to the growth and development, both physically, emotionally and mentally of a child. No matter if he is the biological father as well or a step dad or an adoptive dad. A dad plays an important role in the life of the children that they father. Father’s come in all shapes, sizes, races, religious beliefs, and sexual orientations. What makes a father a father is the time and care that he puts into the relationship he has with his children.

I am blessed to be married to a wonderful man, husband, and father. He, like many other dads out there is in the military. This places a different dynamic in the mix. Whether he wants to or not, he must leave his children for months at a time. This situation is not something that is ever enjoyed but rather, handled and gotten through. When there are times that fathers and children must be away from each other, it is important to make the most of time together. We have been very lucky because my husband has been able to be there for both of our children’s births. We planned both pregnancies specifically for that fact. However my husband’s next deployment will be right around my son’s first birthday. Due to that fact he has been doing so much to make my son’s first year special and to form a strong bond with him before he leaves again. My husband believes as I do in forming strong attachments with your children. To do this he reads to them almost every day that he is here, he cuddles with my son in the morning after my daughter and I get out of bed. We all sleep together and he cuddles with my daughter a lot at night too. Almost as soon as he walks through the door after work both my son and daughter want to be with him right away. My daughter wants him to chase her and tickle her and my son wants my husband to carry him everywhere. The last few nights my son has screamed at me until I give him to his daddy. My husband proudly wore my son around the fair the other day in our sleepy wrap for a few hours. Not every man is man enough to wear their baby and I am so happy I got one of the good ones!

So to all of the dads out there who know what it means to be a REAL dad and who know that forming a strong attachment and bond with your children is the manliest thing you can do, Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy your children and all of the time you have with them especially when they are young. A man shows his son what kind of man to be and shows his daughters what kind of man to love. So keep on making every moment count. Your kids won’t be kids forever. Happy Father’s Day!